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When Music Revolution opened in Whittier in 1972 the family owned store was selling 8-track tapes, 45 singles, Album LP’s, Lava Lamps, Patches and Beads. Although those items were a 60’s and 70’s mainstay, they were unable to endure the test of time. Cassettes, CD’s, and 12″ Vinyl replaced them and now the Internet is King. Music Revolution, now operating for more than 30 years, has persevered and overcome the changes of time and technology. Music Revolution, known as “Music Rev” by our loyal customers, continues to adapt and remain in-step with this ever-changing, fast paced world. Our goal has always been to provide our customers with a great selection of the items that they demand and to be the “coolest” and “hippest” store in town.

Today, Music Revolution has two locations and continues to re-invent itself. Our store in Anaheim has reached legendary status in the Orange County area. Undisputedly, this store features the best and largest selection of high quality GLASS in O.C.  Our customer base has no boundary when it comes to world class Scientific GLASS. Once you visit this store, you will agree that this is the finest collection of name brand GLASS in Southern California. You will find an enormous selection of: Sheldon Black, ILLADELPH, J.P. Toro, ROOR, Governmint, PHX, Illusion and Sovereignty Glass. In fact, because our GLASS collection is considered the supreme prototype for GLASS connoisseurs, we have named this department THE VAULT @ Music Revolution.

When you visit one of our stores, located in Whittier and Anaheim, you will see that they are unique and both have their own personality. Our trendy clothing and gift boutique will welcome you as you find your way toward our legendary smoke shops or to our TICKET SALES booth. Oh yes, the music department still exists but it is only an afterthought compared to our earlier years. This allows us to remain modernized and to focus on our customers needs as we continue to abide by our original business goal that we set in 1972. Is Music Revolution still the “coolest” and “hippest” store in town? Come on in……………….you can judge for yourself.


Music Revolution, now in the 40th year of operation, proudly presents the opening of its online store, The Glass VAULT Online Store.

The Glass VAULT @ Music Rev and The Glass VAULT Online Store are both operating solely from the store located in Anaheim. Although Music Revolution in Whittier is affiliated with the store in Anaheim, The Glass VAULT merchandise is available only at the Anaheim location.

The crew at Music Rev wishes to thank our customers, new and old, for their continued support and patronage.
For 40 years we have always considered it a privilege to serve you and now we are welcoming the opportunity to expand our service to the rest of the country. The online store is our newest endeavor that emphasizes our commitment to the functional glass industry. We sincerely desire for you to join us in our journey.

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