As the Grateful Dead were taking stage at the Long Beach Arena in December of 72’, Ray
Garcia, his mother Carmen and other members of the family were twenty miles away in the city
of Whittier working through the night, as they were preparing to take a trip into the retail industry
for the first time. The grand opening of their store, Music Revolution, was just hours away.
Before long, their business had established itself as a well­respected purveyor of records,
cassettes and 8­track tapes. Aside from selling music, with a gentle swipe of the hand to
separate a wall of beads hanging from a…

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The Glass Vault proudly displays……
“SHAWN DADDY ‘FEATURED ARTIST Master of the “Montage” style glass art
15 % Off All Shawn Daddy Art
Now thru July 28th
Online Store: The or

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About Us


Music Revolution, now in the 40th year of operation, proudly presents the opening of its online store, The Glass VAULT Online Store.

The Glass VAULT @ Music Rev and The Glass VAULT Online Store are both operating solely from the store located in Anaheim. Although Music Revolution in Whittier is affiliated with the store in Anaheim, The Glass VAULT merchandise is available only at the Anaheim location.

The crew at Music Rev wishes to thank our customers, new and old, for their continued support and patronage.
For 40 years we have always considered it a privilege…

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4.0 Worked Nano


This little guy packs a powerful punch. Perfect for on-the-run.

Features a mini shower-head diffuser, titanium plate, and some beautiful artwork.

Please call (714) 447-9288 for price and availability.

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Robin Hood inline bubbler

We are proud to have this beautiful inline bubbler by ROBIN HOOD.

Prominent features include a very detailed design on the mouthpiece and inline diffuser – as well as on the dome and slide.

The full set includes the Bubbler, dome, slide, and dish.

Definitely a Collectors piece.

Please call (714) 447-9288 for price and availability




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