As the Grateful Dead were taking stage at the Long Beach Arena in December of 72’, Ray
Garcia, his mother Carmen and other members of the family were twenty miles away in the city
of Whittier working through the night, as they were preparing to take a trip into the retail industry
for the first time. The grand opening of their store, Music Revolution, was just hours away.
Before long, their business had established itself as a well­respected purveyor of records,
cassettes and 8­track tapes. Aside from selling music, with a gentle swipe of the hand to
separate a wall of beads hanging from a doorway across the room, one would have discovered
a wide selection of Graffix water pipes, ceramic hand pipes and just about anything else that
would be found in an old school head shop. In 1998, their business was so successful that they
were able to launch a second location in Anaheim, Ca, which now serves as their current
headquarter of operations.
At the turn of the century, as Napster began to influence the evolution of music distribution, Music
Revolution was forced to respond and evolve. Fortunately, the scientific glass industry proved to
be the saving grace. Within a few years, the expansion of their glass inventory turned Music
Revolution into one of the most esteemed quality glass shops in Southern California.
In 2012, to celebrate 40 years in operation,Ray Garcia decided to increase his staff and
subsequently launched an online glass botique at TheGlass­ With personal guidance
from a few prominent figures in the glass community, Garcia has high hopes for this new
“Going online has helped us reach out to a new generation of collectors,” said Garcia. “I feel
humbled to be fully immersed in the glass community during this period of technical growthamong artists.”
Stocked with notable artists such as Toro, Elbo, SNIC, Coyle, Pakoh; TheGlass­Vault created
clout for themselves fresh out the gate. Aside from heady pieces, they also carry a decent
selection of scientific glass from Sheldon Black, Hitman, Illadelph, etc. Being “authorized
dealers” of all products they sell gives TheGlass­Vault the ability to guarantee customer
satisfaction. Their markup of inventory is fair and competitive prices are distributed across the
board. Although this web store has only been open for a few months, the expansion of their
collection seems imminent.
“I’m working full­time to keep our inventory well­stocked and up­to­date,” said Garcia.
The staff at Music Revolution is also working full­time to keep up with today’s social media driven
market by actively engaging with followers on Instagram, Facebook and Tokecity. Products are
quickly featured upon arrival and some of the more exclusive items are even sold within minutes
of posting.
Weather you’re an avid collector or a novice admirer of functional glass art, TheGlass­Vault is
worth bookmarking. And if you find yourself in SoCal, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the
Vault in person at Music Revolution’s Anaheim location

Words By: Zach Romo